Bella Doula Retreat

Bella Doula Retreat

Wanneer: 6 juni 2024 15:00

Waar: Eigentijdserf, Spreeuwelsedijk 9, Oost-Middelbeers

Bella Doula Retreats, een retreat voor 'birth workers' georganiseerd door Mirjam de Keijzer (van, Soffìa Baering uit IJsland en Mary Kalau uit Duitsland

This intimate in-person retreat is an invitation to growth and beauty.

It is an empowering gathering, bringing together doulas and birth workers from all over the world to expand their knowledge, nurture their souls and develop life-long friendships. 

Our mission is to provide a platform for learning, networking and sharing experiences. We believe that when we birth keepers put our oxygen masks on first and dive deep into self-care on a regular basis, we emerge stronger and with more capacity to be there for our families and clients in a more present and conscious way.

We are passionate about nurturing you, so you can nurture others!


Each day of our nourishing time together will begin by awakening our minds, hearts and bodies. We'll then take a deep dive into several practical subjects that you can integrate into the work that you do with young families. 

Some of which will include:

  • Trauma-informed Closing the Bones
  • A heart to heart meditation
  • Why body balance matters
  • The parent-infant relationship
  • A fire fear release
  • Nonviolent communication
  • The couple dynamic during the childbearing year
  • The creation of a power stick
  • Brainstorming birth dilemmas
  • Exploring a barefoot walking path

After a day of learning, resting, connecting and dining on nutritious meals we will sit by the fire and exchange stories and wisdom and laugh like only birth keepers do. And who knows, you might even learn how to birth an Icelandic bear.

Kosten liggen rond €960,- voor het gehele retreat in een gedeelde, 2 persoons kamer. Een kamer in je eentje is ook mogelijk!

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