The microbiome virtual conference

The microbiome virtual conference

Wanneer: 24 februari 2024 18:00

Waar: Online

A virtual international conference about the infant microbiome hosted by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, the makers of the award-winning documentary MICROBIRTH.

Featuring top microbiome scientists, academics and maternity leaders - and attended by 1,000+ health professionals.

WHAT IS IT? A 2 day international LIVE virtual conference for maternity health professionals.

WHEN IS IT? February 24-25 2024 from 9-5pm (US Pacific Time) dus 18hr tot 02hr in Nederland.....

WHO IS IN IT? Featuring 20+ world-leading scientists, academics, midwives, doctors, breastfeeding experts and maternity leaders.
WHAT'S IT ABOUT? How and why the science of the infant microbiome can be applied to maternity care, to improve health outcomes. MOST IMPORTANTLY, how YOU can play a part!
WHO IS IT FOR? Childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, lactation experts and other maternity professionals.
WHERE IS IT HAPPENING? Virtual. No travel needed.
WHO IS RUNNING IT? This event is independently funded, and hosted, by the filmmakers behind MICROBIRTH.

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