Antea Marinovic

Antea Marinovic

Hello, my name is Antea, I am a holistic doula and a childbirth educator. My journey with mastering Dutch is slow but progressing, I can understand a lot but I need a lot more practice speaking it, which is why I wrote only in English also on my Dutch profile.

I come from Croatia where I studied and worked as a midwife before I moved to Amstelveen for love in 2021.

I have witnessed many birth stories and learned that preparation is essential and can be the difference between a positive and a traumatic experience. 

My mission is to serve expectant parents through compassionate, evidence-based support, education, empowerment, and a loving environment so they can have joyful, loving, and authentic childbirth and gentle postpartum focused on healing and bonding. 

That is why my doula services have private immersive childbirth education included.

Instead of overwhelming you with information I want us to play and practice through role-play and scenarios that enhance the learning process helping you to embody what is important for you and what will serve you through labor. 

I emphasize mind-body connection and focus on building a positive mindset and relaxed body.
I deeply believe that when we change the way we give birth, the world will change.

Gentle birth for a gentle world.



Biesbosch 29,
1181 HW, Amstelveen