Antea Marinovic

Antea Marinovic

Hello, my name is Antea, I am a holistic childbirth educator and a doula.

I guide expectant parents on their journey to conscious, joyful birth and gentle postpartum through mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation and empowerment, without information overwhelm.

I come from Croatia where I studied and worked as a midwife before I moved to Amstelveen for love in 2021. I don't speak Dutch perfectly just yet. That is why I have chosen to write my Dutch profile also in English.

I have witnessed many birth stories and learned that holistic preparation is essential and can be the difference between a positive and a traumatic experience. 

My vision is for every birth to be supported and celebrated as a natural life-affirming event that has the potential to be deeply healing, transformative, empowering, and pleasurable.
My mission is to empower parents-to-be by providing compassionate support and evidence-based education, equipping them with the necessary tools to align with and advocate for the vision they have for birth. 

I focus on prenatal preparation, but I also have a few spots available each year for doula services.


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