Pascale Bonnet

Pascale Bonnet

As a mother of two grown up children and a Birth Doula, I am passionate about empowering women and couples in childbirth preparation, contributing to a positive birth experience for them and their baby in the Netherlands, whether at home, birth center or at the hospital.

I speak French, English and a bit of Dutch.

My background is in swimming, diving, yoga and massage therapy, meditation and psychology with 20 years of practice and experience in those fields.

I serve parents in and around Amsterdam, teaching them how to surrender to the process of labour and birth, in order to be able to meet their fears and find trust and confidence in life's processes.

Spinning Babies techniques are used to help you balance and gain comfort in pregnancy and birth, also assisting your body and baby for an optimal fetal position and an easier birth.

I look forward to meeting you!