Denise Mac Donald

Denise Mac Donald

My name is Denise Mac Donald (56), married, and a mother of a son and a daughter. I am a doula and a teacher of Relaxed Bevallen (a child birth education course), combining these skills when supporting you as a doula.

As a Relaxed Bevallen teacher, I teach how to give birth in a relaxed and stress-free way using Hypnobirthing & Mindfulness techniques. You'll find that you gain more peace and confidence in the strength of your own body.

Personally, it feels good for me to contribute to a positive start for both mother and child. To create a wonderful memory that you carry with you for the rest of your life... how beautiful is that!?

If you are looking for a doula or Relaxed Bevallen teacher in Hilversum and the surrounding area, take a look around my website. Perhaps we'll meet soon.

Warm regards, Denise


Contact information

Hermelijnlaan 41, 1216EC Hilversum, Nederland