Find a Doula

Find a Doula

We've got many doula's available in the Netherlands who offer both birth- and postpartum services. It is however good to know in what region they work (or are willing to travel to). They obviously need to be able to reach your home in an agreeable time. On this platform you can find many English speaking doula's but some also speak more languages. In the English search engine you will only find the doula's who feel comfortable offering their services in English. Just click on their profile picture and read their short bio, so you get to know them already a bit.

Would you like to know more about a particular doula and her availability, or plan a get together meeting with her, please contact her directly yourself. Most doula's have a website or social media page where you can find more detailed information about them and their doula services.

Most important is the fact that you feel comfortable and safe with the doula you decide to start working with. That is why almost all doula's offer a free get together meeting to see if you both click. She will be with you during an intense period in your life, so good to invest some time in finding the right match for you and your partner!

To look for a doula who offers her services in your region, just fill in your home town or postal code in the search field. You will get more information about doula's servicing your area. Make sure to also zoom out or zoom in, if the options are not clear or near enough to you. Any doula who is a member of the NBvD is mentioned separately.

Are you looking for a postpartum doula? Just tick the search box for postpartum doula and you will get a nice overview of doula's who work near you. Be aware that a postpartum doula is (usually) not the same as a 'kraamzorg' or in home postpartum care provider.

Do you already know the name of the doula you are looking for? You can use the search field on top right of this page to look up her details!

Are you looking for child birth education classes, postpartum preparation or any other pregnancy related class in your region? There are many doula's who offer separate classes, both in person or in group form. It's good to know you do not have to drive many kilometers to follow a specific class. In the English version of this drop down menu you will only find English spoken classes. If there are more languages available, it will be mentioned.



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