About doula.nl

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Doula.nl has at it’s core aim connecting the right doula to the right client. Every pregnant woman should be able to find a doula in her own region in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, doula.nl wishes to be a platform for all pregnant women looking for a Dutch or English spoken class (in their own Dutch region) to prepare themselves best for the upcoming birth or postpartum period.

Doula.nl has an explicit wish to update all doula's in the Netherlands on different training possibilities, media attention for doula's, add on classes and other meet-ups meant to connect with other doula's.

Doula.nl strives to stay up to date and offers search functions for both Birth- and Postpartum Doula’s as well as NBvD doula’s. We recognize the offer of more versatile doula’s, such as bereavement doula’s and religious doula’s but have chosen to not mention them separately just yet. Only when there are more doula’s who present themselves as is, we will facilitate an extra search function for said doula’s.

Doula.nl is aware that more and more doula’s are being trained as we speak within the Netherlands. We wish all doula’s and doula trainings the best possible discoverability and blooming businesses. Doula schools/ doula trainings who wish to be mentioned on this platform will pay a small admin fee. Doula.nl does not have a preference for any training or class, course, event, doula association or book. This platform strives to be as honest and open as possible and to only communicate keeping interests of all parties concerned at heart.


You can become a member of our doula.nl platform against a small annual admin fee. This fee will cover a year’s worth of being mentioned as doula. You will pay annually in January. You can start your membership at any time throughout the year which will not change anything to the annual admin fee. Only starting your membership during the last months of the year will make you eligible for a small discount. Should you not pay your invoice within the payment time of 7 days and fail to do so after having been sent 1 payment reminder, your membership and publication on this platform will be immediately cancelled.

You can be mentioned as a birth doula, as an intern doula, as postpartum doula, as NBvD doula or as a (child birth) educator. You are able to combine different categories but only pay an extra fee being mentioned as an educator. You are solely responsible for the text, address details and correct prices you wish to be published at this platform. You need to keep your data up to date yourself. Please offer your services in both Dutch and English. Only if you really do not want to be mentioned on the Dutch part of the platform, mention this explicitly when submitting your data. On the Dutch info page your name will be mentioned with an exclaimer: ‘This doula chooses not to work in a language other than her own. You can find more info about her on the English page of this platform'.


Being mentioned on doula.nl for the duration of 1 year (running from January until December) will cost:

  1. 1)Birth doula/ postpartum doula/ NBvD doula for the amount of EU70,- incl BTW/ year
  2. 2)Intern doula for the amount of EU35,- incl BTW/ year
  3. 3)Educator for the amount of EU200,- incl BTW/ year*

* should you be a doula mentioned under 1) on this platform you will get a discount of 50% on your education offerings. Classes should be focusing on pregnant women and/ or their partners, for both childbirth and/ or postpartum period. You can mention 3 different types of classes under 1 notification.

If you plan to change a lot throughout the year with what you offer, we suggest you keep your descriptive text on this platform as basic as possible and mention your website link which obviously is more up to date about your services. If you feel the need to change your descriptive text on this platform or your profile picture, please send an email to info@doula.nl. We will strive to implement the changes within 2 weeks. If you ask to change your text/picture/ class offerings too much throughout the year, you will receive a reasonable invoice for the additional admin costs.

Need to know before becoming a member

Your profile is only published after having received payment of your invoice.Your profile picture should be 200x300 pixels. Your text is about 250 words long. Doula.nl will only shorten your text if it’s too lengthy. We will also change spelling, should there be too many mistakes but will not change your text itself. If doula.nl thinks your text could be seen as discriminative or hurtful we will ask you to change it. If after revision the text still is not suitable, you will get your paid invoice refunded and not be mentioned on the platform.

Saying goodbye

If you wish to terminate your membership then you should do so in writing at info@doula.nl. Your cancellation should not be sent later than November of the ongoing year. Should you fail to cancel in time (at least 1 month before the new invoicing round of January) you will receive an invoice for a full year which you will need to pay. Registration is done simply through the registration form on this platform. Should you have not heard back 2 weeks after you’ve submitted your form, please send an email to info@doula.nl. Your first publication at our platform will only go live after having received payment of your invoice. If you like, you can also receive these general rules & regulations by email. Just ask!


By being mentioned at doula.nl you have taken notice of the fact that your address details, URL, mobile phone number and picture are open for the public to be found. Doula.nl is not responsible for any misuse of your data by third parties. Should you have details you feel NOT necessary to be mentioned, please make sure to make that very clear at the registration form. Do know that the less details you want mentioned, the less easy it is to find your doula services.


You can advertise at doula.nl against a reasonable fee. If you want to know more, pls send an email to info@doula.nl for our different options. Your advert should be meant for either pregnant people or doula’s and for sure be pregnancy/ baby related.


Would you like something to be mentioned on the monthly calendar that is open for both doula and pregnancy related events: please send an email to info@doula.nl. Make sure you send the item needing to be mentioned at least a month in advance including an URL and short description of the course/ event. Doula.nl will mention this without additional costs and will also look for agenda items actively online. The doula.nl platform cannot be held accountable for any calendar item mentioned nor for failing to publish a sent event, even when all details have been sent in time.

Doula in the (Dutch) media

Have you been published positively in the Dutch or international media and would you like to share this on the doula.nl platform? Please send the article, a link, the video etc to info@doula.nl and it will be (if appropriate) published swiftly at doula.nl. We will probably first start with mixing Dutch and English written items on 1 page and start diversifying when there's enough input in both languages.

Author/ event

Have you written a book which is meant specifically for pregnant women in the Netherlands? Would you like to put special focus on a publication or are you organizing an event which is meant for pregnant women and/ or doula’s? Please contact info@doula.nl and ask for the possibilities. We have put together a few interesting publishing packages for you.