Maume Koegler

Maume Koegler

Doula & Kraamzorg ❤

As a doula and maternity nurse, I guide beautiful families during pregnancy, birth and the maternity week. How nice is it to be able to rely on 1 person completely. I stand next to you in the pregnancy and together we will face everything that comes your way.

I am your support, safety and trust during the birth and then I support you during the maternity week.I know all your wishes, desires and know exactly what you like or don't like at all. I'll make you a delicious warming soup, make sure there is peace and warmth in your home and that there really is the space and time to get to know your beautiful newborn child. Make sure the brothers and/or sisters also enjoy the process, I respect your body and home. Together we will make it an unforgettable maternity week!

Do you want to be pregnant with confidence, carried and supported? Do you want to give birth from strength, softness and love? And do you want to receive that little bit of extra attention and care during your maternity week? Looking back on a week full of relaxation, enjoyment and fine professional care?

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J.J. Allanstraat 151, 1551RD Westzaan, Nederland