Meike Staleman

Meike Staleman

Birth support after a previous intense delivery (pregnancy, postpartum period, or loss experience): you had prepared so well, you envisioned it all and looked forward to experiencing the delivery together with your partner and meeting your baby. Yet, it all turned out completely differently. You may have even doubted if you would ever dare to go through another pregnancy again.

Now that you're pregnant again, your mother brain is already in full swing. It holds precisely how you are meant to give birth to this child. You don't need knowledge or information from the outside. It's all already within you.

In this process, you will recover from a previous negative birth or loss experience, and then emotionally prepare for the birth of your next child. We will fully activate your mother brain so that you can approach labor with trust rather than fear. You will be instructing the caregivers throughout your pregnancy and delivery instead of the other way around.

What are your desires? What are your boundaries? I will help you turn inward, find peace within yourself, and trust your instincts. Then, you'll find the way outward. How do you communicate your wishes to your surroundings? Who do you need for that? These are all questions you will answer during this process with the help of the "I Give Birth in Trust" workbook.

Feel free to contact me; I'm here to listen to your story and I have full confidence that you can heal and give birth your way this time.