Marijn Molenaar

Marijn Molenaar

Let it grow, let grow. Let it blossom, let it flow! An upcoming birth evokes all kinds of emotions. Joy, but you may also feel uncertainty and tension. As a doula I offer you emotional support during the pregnancy.

During the birth I provide mental & physical support for you and your partner. If you make me part of your birth team as your doula, you are assured of continuous care! That gives you confidence and peace of mind!

Birthphotography is standard included in the package I offer. I wish all parents beautiful photos of the process and the birth!

As a doula I focus on complicated pregnancies or pregnancies with a medical indication. And because I'm a twin mom myself, twin pregnancy's!

And of course you are very welcome if you want to give birth in your own home! I'm looking forward to meet you!



Edammerstraat 10,
1023vb, Amsterdam