Milena Calkovska

Milena Calkovska

Milena does not speak Dutch. If you really want to work with a doula who is also a native speaker, please look up other doula's in Delft area.

My name is Milena. I am a mom, certified doula, breastfeeding specialist and postpartum doula (postpartum recovery specialist). I don't speak Dutch, but I do speak English, Russian, Latvian and Ukrainian. I've been living in the Netherlands since 2019.

I can work both online (worldwide) or in person with you. I am OK with traveling quite far outside of Delft area.

I prepared for my son’s birthday very consciously. I attended different seminars, read books, took courses with a partner and practiced yoga.

Nevertheless, reflecting on that day, I had a feeling for a long time that I still lacked additional support in the form of a “mentor”, a person who knows the entire process of childbirth from beginning to end, who will “protect me” from the hustle around, who will believe in me till the end. That's how I found out about the existence of such a profession as “doula”. And the picture formed in my head.

What kind of doula am I? Different. My mission is to find the key to every woman. Better to ask them what they say after giving birth to me: "I want every woman to know the pleasure of giving birth with a doula like you! Having a baby with you present was one of the best decisions of my life."

"You created a magical atmosphere. You were my coach, friend, doctor, anesthesiologist, support, photographer, translator! You are a miracle. And I am incredibly grateful to the universe that I found you!"

"Thank you for all your tips, love, massages. You were my guiding light."

"Doula is 100% what you should do. I am very glad that you were with us at such a difficult moment."

I hope, I can also find the key to you!With love, Milena