Tessa Aldewereld

Tessa Aldewereld

My name is Tessa Aldewereld and I work as a doula, massage therapist and postpartum practitioner in Nieuwegein and surroundings.

Becoming a mother is one of the most transformative periods you will experience in your life. Your birth is something that stays with you all your life and your life changes completely with the birth of your child. How this transformation (and therefore your birth) is experienced gives an imprint for the rest of your motherhood yourney and therefor in your life. That is why this vulnerable period in your life deserves loving attention. In my role as a doula, I strive for every mother to feel seen and heard and to feel her fire and her strength during pregnancy and her childbirth. That every child gets a soft landing. Positivity, relaxation, humor and lots of love are important to me around pregnancy, birth and certainly the post partum period

In addition to being a birth doula, I also give pregnancy and postpartum massages and postpartum treatments. Because a pregnancy and the postpartum period demands a lot from you and your body, I am convinced that you deserve this extra attention. Your body is working hard to grow your baby and then to recover from the period that you carried your baby. A massage or treatment contributes to the restorative capacity of your body, so that you can sleep better, experience less pain, produce fewer stress hormones and really feel your body again. In short, it reduces complaints and it is really a moment for you alone.


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Alkemaderschans 48, 3432 CK Nieuwegein, Nederland