Birth experience in the Netherlands with birth and postpartum doula (Prins vd Bergh)

I would love to express my gratitude and appreciations for your time as my doula's, for your lessons, kindness and absolutely contagious energy. 

I couldn't imagine a better experience for my birthing journey. I almost wish of having a longer labour just to be able to spend some more time with you :) I hope there will be a chance to have a nice coffee with you sometime in the future.

Prins, a very special thank you for being with me during the most important event of my life and listening to all my screaming:) Your presence gave me peace and confidence. Not to mention your postpartum care! You were the best present I was able to receive right after the birth. It was amazing to have you over for both our birth doula as well as our postpartum doula.

To sum it up, I think that all women who had or will have a chance to use your service are very lucky! What a professional services you offer! 

Thank you again and keep being so awesome!