Annelies Mulder

Annelies Mulder

Giving birth is about trust. Bringing a child into the world is the most intense experience there is. I take you on an inner journey to make it an unforgettable experience. This day changes your life. You got this.

In your own way. Giving birth is not just about bringing your baby into the world. Allowing a child to pass through you is already magical. But it's more. Giving birth is also turning inside out. Facing your fears. Feeling safe within yourself in the depths of your pain.

I got your back. A familiar voice, a hand to squeeze. Someone you can share your fears with and who is truly there for you. I guide you through the challenging moments. With confidence. With love. I help you focus: dare to go there. Relax. Feel your baby. I stand beside you. This day changes your life.

Rock your birth! Why a doula? Every woman experiences childbirth in her own way. Some are silent and focused, others are roaring lionesses. As a doula, I help you give birth from your own core power in an environment that feels safe for you. Whether you're at home or in the hospital, I take care of you. I instal strength and positivity at a moment in your life when you really need and deserve it.

What do you want? My question to you is: what do you really want? What if you have control over your own childbirth, what would you like most? I walk with you so that you can achieve what you want most. We are equal partners working on best possible outcome for your childbirth. I encourage you to follow your heart. Connect your heart with your head. You know exactly what you need when you dare to trust your intuition. I lead the way, you follow.

Being more in control with your doula. How and where you give birth is not the most important. It's not about control; it's about direction and what suits you. I help you with that. That you feel strong is what matters. It's not about 'painless' or 'easy' births by candlelight; it's about staying true to yourself in all circumstances, at every moment.

Giving birth your way, no matter how it goes. Whether at home or in the hospital, a cesarean section, or a water birth. Where you are, there I am. Do you want to get to know me?

100% for you. My role is shaped by your personal wishes. I always prioritize your well-being, can maintain your peace, whatever your circumstances may be. I don't think in terms of protocols but possibilities within the framework of safety.

I am your trusted voice. I know your fears, I have no shift, no substitute; I don't hand you over to the obstetrician; I go with you and coach you through it. I am the voice in your head saying, 'You can do this. You're doing well. Keep going, feel, here's my hand to squeeze. Breathe. Roar. Sigh. Dare. You and your baby are doing well. Rock! Your! Birth!' This is the time to navigate based on what you deeply feel inside.

'Do you have availability around my due date?' Each month, I take on a few clients. Send me a message, and we'll quickly find out if I'm available around your due date.


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