Catharina Ooijens

Catharina Ooijens

I would describe myself as a passionate woman with a lot of experience and love for my doula profession. I am a gatekeeper for female oriented care.

I support women to hold direction during pregnancy and birth and teach you how to let go of control and trust the birth-process. Important is that the pregnant woman and her partner receive understandable and complete information from their midwife, gynecologist and doula.

Together we make a birth-plan in which your wishes and needs are communicated. I give continuous support and will leave when you are ready to embrace your maternity care.

Next to offering a full doula support package I also offer a refresher course: you have given birth before, and this time, you want to experience the birth of your baby together with your partner? I will come to your home where both you and your partner will be present.  

In this course, I will visit you twice for 3 hours each time (evenings and weekends are also possible). You will receive necessary information to prepare for your childbirth and useful tips for your partner on how to best support you. You can also invite a mother or friend if you prefer to keep the childbirth in a small circle. Additionally, you will receive a delightful foot massage for relaxation at the end of the last session.

Fee: €495,- (excluding travel and parking expenses).


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