Tara Joosse

Tara Joosse

Your delivery is one of the most memorable moments of your life. It’s an unforgettable experience. Childbirth is not just about the birth of your child: you matter too. After all, a mother (parent) is also born. You deserve to look back at your birth with pride and happiness. Even if it doesn't all go perfectly. What matters is that you can stay close to yourself in all circumstances. You will be able to do that after all the extensive sessions with valuable scientific information, a strong mindset, autonomy, direction and me in your brith team.

What characterizes my working method is that my guidance has a personal approach. I genuinely check in with you and your (birth) partner and tailor the sessions. Every person is different, therefore so is every pregnant woman and (birthing) partner. I think it is important that you are well prepared, that you feel safe and that you have the feeling that you are in control. My core values ​​are knowledge, calmness and confidence in your body and in your birth team. It is important that you really understand how childbirth works, because if you understand that, you will realize that you are more than able to do this. I aspire to make you feel like you can say “I got this!”

Many pregnant women are afraid of losing control during their delivery in the hospital. However, with the right knowledge this is not necessary. I have clinical knowledge that allows me to prepare and guide you in a clinical setting. I am your doula at home, in the birth center or in the hospital!

In addition to the well-known birth plan, I give you something new: an Attachment Plan. This is a plan to ensure a good, safe start for your child as much as possible. Secure attachment will provide a solid foundation throughout life. People with a secure attachment often have a good sense of self-esteem and grow up into 'healthy adults', who are more easily able to enter into loving relationships with others. Secure attachment provides protection against mental problems. In order to create a good bonding plan, I bring to light several points that require questions about your household as preparation for parenthood.

For questions or more information, I can be contacted via my email address, or plan a free and without obligation introductory meeting via my website. Lots of love!

Naast mijn doula services bied ik ook de zwangerschapscursus: "Knowledge is power" aan! Wil je met mij werken als docent in een privé of een groep-setting en niet als doula? Neem dan ook contact met me op!