Natida Lopez Adrados

Natida Lopez Adrados (intern)

I am a mother of three children. In my opinion: Pregnancy and giving birth is one of the most extraordinary things a woman can do in this life.

The body, mind and spirit have to open and let go from a deep place within to bring a new soul into the world.

Birth of a new baby, is also the birth of a new version of the woman you are. A mother, or again mother.

All birth journeys are unique, because we all have to walk our own paths. Every woman, in touch with her own nature has all that she needs already within herself. But just because we cán do it, doesn’t mean we should have to do it alone. I would be Honoured to walk a part of your path alongside you as your doula!

Next to English, I also speak Dutch and Spanish.

In addition to support during your pregnancy (as a doula and/or (natural) coach), you are welcome to join me for individual sessions or programs in Reiki, Nature Coaching, Women/ Mom Circles, Rituals and Ceremonies related to Pregnancy and Motherhood.

During your postpartum period, I am there for you with in-home massages, in-home mom rituals and Ayurvedic meals tailored to your postpartum period as a Food Doula.