Kristina Juvko

Kristina Juvko

Embarking on the journey of childbirth and parenthood is a profound experience that encompasses the entirety of one's being – body, mind, and spirit. As someone deeply immersed in the realms of holistic body approaches and childbirth advocacy, I've spent years exploring the interconnectedness of these.

From my own personal journey through birth and motherhood to my professional roles as a birth doula, childbirth preparation helper, and practitioner of WATSU (water therapy) and sound therapy, I stand ready to be a trusted companion on your path to parenthood.

Guided by a blend of evidence-based practices and intuition, I am committed to providing a nurturing and non-judgmental environment for you. Having followed my heart's calling, I understand the importance of feeling grounded and supported, especially during significant life transitions.

Whether you find yourself at home, in a hospital, or far from familiar surroundings, my experience as a 3rd time expat underscores the significance of having a trusted ally by your side.

Together, let us create a sanctuary of safety and empowerment – an OASE where your journey into parenthood can unfold with confidence and peace of mind.

Next to my doula work I also offer extensive pregnancy and birth preparation consultations, full length birth support and postpartum care. This includes prenatal visits (online or in person), emotional and informational support, BRM (Body Ready Method®) PRO assessment and workouts (if desired), in-person presence during birth (no matter which road you choose and where it takes you) and later the postnatal visits.I also offer relaxing and recharging WATSU (Water therapy) & Sound therapy sessions, monthly Women's circles. I do not speak Dutch but can express myself fluently in English, Lithuanian and Russian.