Maaike Rijnsburger

Maaike Rijnsburger

Congratulations! I am Maaike Rijnsburger, married and mother of two sons. I guide couples and singles in Utrecht and the surrounding area, and I would love to help you bring out the best in yourself!

You can do more than you think. During three prenatal meetings at your home, we will discuss your expectations surrounding the birth of your baby. What do you feel confident about, and what concerns you? What options are available, and how can you maintain control? Because during childbirth, you don't have to be dependent on your caregivers. You are not ill; you are giving birth! Your body has safely held a baby in your belly for 9 months, and somewhere between weeks 37 and 42, it decides entirely on its own that the baby is ready to come out. Your body handles it on its own: opening the cervix, contracting the uterus, even the baby helps by turning during birth. How do you stay connected to your body and this process, so you are not overwhelmed by thoughts like 'These contractions are awful,' but instead find new energy by thinking about the baby that is coming? Because that is the real reason you feel this way! In short, a pragmatic approach: yes, it hurts, but yes, you can do more than you think. Other topics that may be addressed during the pre-meetings include a birth plan, breathing, relaxation exercises, communication with caregivers, the progress of labor, birthing ball, rebozo, TENS, Spinning Babies, and much more.

I stay with you. When labour begins, I come to you when you are well into your contraction rhythm or when you find it challenging to stay relaxed and breathe. In the case of induction, I am present from the moment of the artificial breaking of your waters. And then I stay. Even when we move from home to the hospital. Even if it becomes medical. Even if it turns out to be a prolonged labour. I stay with you until after the baby is born. During your labour, I help you to stay relaxed while breathing, encourage you when you start to lose confidence, massage your back, help you get the right information so you know your options when something is proposed. I switch with your (birth) partner so that he or she can take a break or make a sandwich. And thus, can be fully present for you again, afterwards. In other words, a beautiful collaboration between you, your birth partner, and myself. So that even if things go differently than expected, you can still look back positively.

Bring out the best in yourself. Contact me for a non-binding introductory meeting at your home, and explore with me how you can bring out the best in yourself and what I can do for you or both of you during childbirth. Perhaps we'll speak soon!


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Edmond Audranstraat 251, 3543 BH Utrecht, Nederland