Marlies Phielix

Marlies Phielix

My name is Marlies Phielix (54). I am a mother of three grown up, beautiful human beings. I am a full-time and an experienced birth doula since 2011, a pregnancy and- postpartum masseuse, Spinning Babies®Certified Parent Educator and Instructor, Systemic Ritual® practitioner, Doula Trainer (since 2014) and co- owner at BiA Doula Training.  

I have a special interest in the human being as body, mind and spirit as a whole, in traditional birth practices and in combining this with modern knowledge in a very practical way. I am passionate about the connection between body, mind, mother and baby during birth.  

I have learned, through study and by experience, how valuable it is to listen to the enormous sensory information the body holds during pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy and birth are intense experiences with a profound impact on the mother's emotional- mental and physical well-being. This transformational period can change how you feel about yourself as you become a mother.

To support you with respect, loving attention, intuition, deep listening, information and knowledge to a powerful, surrounded with softness, birth experience for mother, partner and baby is deeply meaningful for me.

I am grateful for walking next to parents as they find their own way to birth and meet their baby with trust and confidence (also when birth takes a different path), while a deeper understanding of the transformational process that birth is, is growing. I am constantly furthering my education and I continue to learn and grow as a person and a birth professional.  

Feel free to get in touch with me, you are very welcome to.