Olga ter Hart

Olga ter Hart

The birth of your baby is probably the most special thing you will ever experience in your life. But it may also be the most exciting or vulnerable thing there is for you. Pleasant & loving support is what I wish you and also what I can offer you during this special period.

I am and will remain with you during the birth. Regardless of how long it lasts and where your baby will be born. So that you will feel heard, seen and supported. And most importantly; so that you dare to feel from the deepest part of yourself: I CAN DO THIS! You can also use one of my birthing pools and a birth TENS during your birth.

I would also like to walk with you on the road to birth. During our preparatory sessions I can be a listening ear for you, I can help you formulate your birth wishes, give you a nice rebozo massage; In short, everything you need to grow your confidence and look forward to the birth of your child!

I now have more than 7 years of experience as a doula and clients describe me as warm, loving, down-to-earth, a place of peace, committed and reliable.

You can also book me for a private child birth education session and rental of birthpool/ birth TENS and/ or CUB birth stool. Next to English, I also speak Dutch and Fries.

Curious about more? Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation introduction!