Sjanine Bogaars

Sjanine Bogaars

My name is Sjanine Bogaars (1973), and I am married to Nick. Proud mother of two teenagers, Iris and Stijn. I have mainly gained my work experience in retail. After working in this industry for 20 years, I decided to change course and pursue my passion. With great admiration for healthcare, I wanted to contribute my part as well, especially in the context of childbirth, a new life! Because with a pleasant pregnancy and a good start for your child, an important and secure foundation is established.

During the preparation for one of the most significant moments in your life, the birth of your child, you fantasize about how the delivery will unfold. You may have certain wishes, but also possibly fears and concerns. Considering these wishes and concerns, I would like to inform you and your potential partner about the various possibilities and the support I can offer you. Because there is so much possible, and a lot can be done!

Having a doula at the birth of your child has many benefits. The delivery is on average 2 hours shorter, there is half the chance of a medical intervention (cesarean section), more active involvement of the partner in the birth, and fewer postnatal depressions in the first weeks after birth.

Would you like a caring, experienced doula who supports you calmly and professionally during your pregnancy and delivery? Someone who is entirely there for you? Throughout the entire delivery, I am with you to ensure everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. With my decisiveness, humor, calmness, and caring nature, I am your support and confidante!


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Robert Planquettelaan 15, 3543HA Utrecht, Nederland